About Course

The proficiency of German language is assessed by The Geothe-Zertifikat exam. It certifies the candidates of their language skills on six levels from beginner to advanced corresponding to A1 to C2 scales of competence laid down in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

What you will learn

Vocabulary: You will learn a wide range of German vocabulary, including nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.

Grammar: You will learn the rules of German grammar, including sentence structure, verb conjugation, noun declension, and the use of cases.

Pronunciation: You will learn the sounds of German and how to correctly pronounce German words, including vowels, consonants, and diphthongs.

Reading: You will learn to read German texts, including newspapers, magazines, books, and websites, and develop strategies for understanding unfamiliar words and phrases.

Writing: You will learn to write in German, including constructing sentences, paragraphs, and longer texts such as essays and reports.

Listening: You will learn to understand spoken German, including conversations, lectures, news broadcasts, and podcasts.

Speaking: You will learn to speak German, including holding conversations, giving presentations, and expressing opinions.

Cultural knowledge: You will learn about German culture, including customs, traditions, and history, and how language is influenced by culture.

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    I recently completed an OET course from IILT, and I am extremely pleased with the results. The course provided me with comprehensive guidance and resources to improve my English language skills specifically for my healthcare profession. The instructors at IILT were knowledgeable and experienced, and they tailored the lessons to address the unique requirements of the OET exam. Thank you IILT


    Throughout my OET course, I was able to enhance my reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities in a healthcare context. The practice materials and mock exams at IILT were invaluable in helping me familiarize myself with the test format and develop effective strategies to tackle each section of the exam. The feedback and personalized attention I received from the instructors greatly contributed to my progress. Thank you IILT


    Thanks to the OET course at IILT, I gained confidence in my English language proficiency and felt well-prepared when I finally took the exam. I am thrilled to share that I achieved excellent results with IILT, surpassing the requirements for my professional registration. The course not only helped me pass the OET but also equipped me with the necessary language skills to excel in my healthcare career. Thank you IILT


    I highly recommend this OET course at IILT to anyone preparing for the exam. It provides a structured and comprehensive approach, excellent study materials, and expert guidance, all of which are essential for success. Whether you are a healthcare professional seeking registration or looking to enhance your language skills, this course is a fantastic investment. Thank you IILT

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