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Our intensive OET course aims to prepare and equip our candidates with fundamental knowledge and skillsets, along with heaps of test-taking techniques. The training covers all four skills—listening, reading, writing, and speaking—as per the OET test format. With expert instructors, tailored study materials, extensive practice tests, and personalized feedback, our all-inclusive program equips students with the tools and confidence to excel in all four sections of the OET Exam.

We have Offline classes at Kattappana & Kottayam

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What you will learn

Listening: You will be tested on your ability to understand spoken English in different contexts related to healthcare, including patient consultations, lectures, and presentations.

Reading: You will be tested on your ability to read and comprehend written English texts related to healthcare, including medical journals, patient notes, and healthcare policies.

Writing: You will be tested on your ability to write coherent and well-organized healthcare-related texts, including referral letters, discharge summaries, and case notes.

Speaking: You will be tested on your ability to communicate effectively in spoken English related to healthcare, including taking patient histories, explaining diagnoses, and discussing treatment options.

Vocabulary: You will be tested on your knowledge of healthcare-related vocabulary, including medical terminology, abbreviations, and idiomatic expressions.

Grammar: You will be tested on your understanding of English grammar, including sentence structure, verb tenses, and parts of speech, specifically in the context of healthcare.

Pronunciation: You will be evaluated on your ability to correctly pronounce English words and use intonation and stress appropriately, specifically in the context of healthcare communication.

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    I recently completed an OET course from IILT, and I am extremely pleased with the results. The course provided me with comprehensive guidance and resources to improve my English language skills specifically for my healthcare profession. The instructors at IILT were knowledgeable and experienced, and they tailored the lessons to address the unique requirements of the OET exam. Thank you IILT


    Throughout my OET course, I was able to enhance my reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities in a healthcare context. The practice materials and mock exams at IILT were invaluable in helping me familiarize myself with the test format and develop effective strategies to tackle each section of the exam. The feedback and personalized attention I received from the instructors greatly contributed to my progress. Thank you IILT


    Thanks to the OET course at IILT, I gained confidence in my English language proficiency and felt well-prepared when I finally took the exam. I am thrilled to share that I achieved excellent results with IILT, surpassing the requirements for my professional registration. The course not only helped me pass the OET but also equipped me with the necessary language skills to excel in my healthcare career. Thank you IILT


    I highly recommend this OET course at IILT to anyone preparing for the exam. It provides a structured and comprehensive approach, excellent study materials, and expert guidance, all of which are essential for success. Whether you are a healthcare professional seeking registration or looking to enhance your language skills, this course is a fantastic investment. Thank you IILT

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