IILT, India’s largest language institute, offers an exceptional learning experience to students worldwide. What sets IILT apart from other OET online coaching centers in Kerala are its unique and unmatched features. Amidst demanding work schedules and family responsibilities, nurses, often seen as angels, face considerable challenges in balancing their personal lives and career ambitions. At IILT, we strive to be a supportive resource for these courageous and dedicated healthcare professionals.

Before commencing their journey, healthcare professionals carefully consider where to pursue Online OET Coaching, and IILT is consistently their preferred choice for several reasons. Prospective candidates are often overwhelmed by questions about the OET exam’s structure, module details, scoring criteria, eligible countries, and more. At IILT, we provide comprehensive support and guidance to dispel all uncertainties. Our admission counselors are readily available to engage with healthcare professionals, offering detailed insights into the details of the OET.

IILT is also more than only the sharing of knowledge. Our intention is to provide a nurturing environment that will promote the success of healthcare professionals. Every student will receive support that is specific to their needs and learning goals thanks to our personalized approach to education. With the help of innovative teaching strategies and engaging online resources, we offer a cooperative learning community where educators and learners can interact.

In addition to academic support, IILT emphasizes practical preparation through mock tests, practice sessions, and constructive feedback. This approach ensures that our students not only understand the theoretical aspects of the OET but also gain practical skills and confidence to excel in their examinations. By equipping healthcare professionals with comprehensive preparation, IILT empowers them to achieve their career aspirations in the global healthcare industry.

Why Assessment is important?

Assessment plays a crucial role in preparing for language proficiency tests. Prior to beginning individual classes, it is essential to assess a candidate’s proficiency across all required skills. Our expert Academic Team has developed a comprehensive set of questions designed to evaluate proficiency in the four key modules: Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing, along with grammar proficiency. Additionally, the assessment examines the candidate’s learning style and emotional intelligence (EQ).

After the candidate completes the assessment, a core academic team member from IILT will reach out to discuss the evaluation report based on the candidate’s performance. This report is also shared with the assigned trainer, selected based on the candidate’s specific requirements and other relevant factors. Our senior academicians categorize candidates into four distinct categories based on predetermined criteria.

This structured assessment process ensures that candidates receive tailored support and instruction, preparing them effectively for their language proficiency test through personalized guidance and targeted training.

Level based Training

After finishing the assessments, candidates receive detailed information on how to begin their individual online classes. At IILT, we are proud to employ more than 100 dedicated online trainers, each of whom has been carefully chosen to specifically meet the needs of each one of our students.  These trainers are highly experienced and possess OET Badges, signifying their expertise and proficiency in preparing students for language proficiency tests. They are organized into different levels based on rigorous criteria established by our Academic Team, ensuring that each student receives personalized and effective instruction tailored to their learning needs and goals. This structured approach guarantees that our students receive the highest quality of training and support throughout their educational journey with IILT.

Individual classes

At IILT, we prioritize delivering online individual classes of the highest quality, ensuring no compromise in standards. One of our standout features is the flexibility in scheduling these classes, accommodating the diverse needs of our candidates effectively. The time flexibility enables students across the world to attend classes at their convenience, ensuring that geographical barriers or duty hours do not hinder their learning experience.

Additionally, we offer unlimited corrections for writing and speaking exercises, a unique offering that sets IILT apart from other institutions. Our Online OET trainers are dedicated to providing criteria-based feedback and scoring for both speaking and writing modules, ensuring that students receive targeted and constructive guidance.

Moreover, we implement a structured approach to progress tracking. Both students and trainers maintain a scorecard to record daily performance and achievements. This practice fosters accountability and allows for continuous improvement throughout the learning process.

IILT stands out in the realm of online OET coaching through its focus on criteria-based correction and comprehensive progress monitoring for individual writing and speaking classes. This approach not only helps students refine their language skills but also enhances their overall preparation and confidence for the OET exam.

Premium Reading and Listening Class(ZOOM/Individual)

IILT distinguishes itself with its specialized offerings in Premium Zoom classes for Reading and Listening, addressing the concerns of candidates who often perceive these modules as particularly challenging. These sections require not only extensive guidance and practice but also the ability to decode the strategies essential for success. IILT offers exclusive individual classes for the Reading and Listening modules, ensuring personalized attention and targeted preparation that differs from the approach of other Online OET coaching centres in Kerala.

In our Zoom sessions, candidates benefit from the opportunity to discuss and clarify any uncertainties they may have regarding these modules. These sessions are not just about practice; they also include interactive discussions led by our expert trainers. Each question is meticulously reviewed to reinforce learned strategies and tips, ensuring comprehensive understanding and application.

To accommodate varying schedules, our Zoom classes are scheduled in three convenient time slots: 11:00 am, 3:00 pm, and 8:00 pm. This flexibility allows candidates to attend sessions at their preferred times. Moreover, for candidates facing scheduling conflicts, recorded versions of these Zoom classes are made available to ensure that no one misses out on valuable instruction.

Beyond Zoom classes, IILT offers another distinctive feature—Premium Individual Reading and Listening sessions. These personalized one-on-one sessions provide focused attention tailored to each candidate’s specific learning needs and goals. This unique offering underscores IILT’s commitment to delivering comprehensive and personalized preparation for the OET exam, ensuring that every candidate receives the support and guidance needed to succeed.

Premium Grammar sessions

Grammar is crucial across all OET modules, impacting a candidate’s performance significantly. Given that candidates often have a limited timeframe of 2-3 months for OET training, mastering the entire grammar syllabus can be challenging due to its extensive nature. Recognizing this, IILT has meticulously designed a comprehensive grammar syllabus specifically tailored for OET preparation. These grammar lessons are conducted through interactive Zoom classes, ensuring that students cover all essential grammar topics relevant to the OET.

At IILT, our grammar sessions are scheduled flexibly every Saturday, accommodating the busy schedules of our candidates. This approach not only allows for thorough coverage of grammar concepts but also provides the flexibility needed for effective learning and practice. By integrating these focused grammar sessions into our curriculum, we aim to equip candidates with the necessary language skills to excel in their OET examinations.

Regular Mock Tests

Candidates diligently attend classes covering all four modules on a regular basis at IILT. However, beyond attending classes, engaging in frequent mock sessions is crucial for their overall preparation strategy. These mock exams accomplish several goals for the candidates: they let them determine where they stand now in terms of skill, point out particular areas that still require work, and determine how prepared they are for the real OET test.

Mock tests are invaluable in helping candidates analyze their performance objectively. By reviewing their results and mock scorecards, candidates gain insights into where they excel and where they need to focus more attention. This structured feedback not only guides their study efforts but also boosts their confidence as they become more familiar with the format and demands of the OET exam.

At IILT, each mock test is designed to replicate the conditions of the actual exam, ensuring candidates experience similar pressures and challenges. This simulation helps reduce exam anxiety and builds familiarity with the test environment, ultimately contributing to improved performance on test day.

Moreover, the mock scorecards provided after each test serve as benchmarks of progress. They enable candidates to track their improvement over time and adjust their study plans accordingly. This systematic approach to mock testing at IILT ensures that candidates are thoroughly prepared and confident in their abilities when they sit for the OET exam, setting them up for success in achieving their language proficiency goals.

Quality Assurance

Regular quality checks conducted by our expert team at IILT represent one of our most captivating features. These checks serve not only to maintain high standards but also to provide continuous encouragement and motivation to our students, ensuring they stay focused and on track. Amidst of busy work schedules, students often lose their momentum, but our team’s consistent interaction helps keep them engaged and motivated.

We maintain regular communication through calls and messages, fostering a strong rapport that facilitates easy and effective conversations. This ongoing engagement not only encourages students to attend classes regularly but also allows us to address any concerns or challenges they may face promptly.

Moreover, our entire team is committed to guaranteeing that our students have unimpeded access to all essential materials. This commitment guarantees that students will receive the help and direction they require to succeed while preparing for the OET.

At IILT, we aspire to offer candidates the resources they need to confidently and successfully meet their language competency goals. We demonstrate this with our comprehensive approach to student support, which includes quality inspections, ongoing encouragement, and resource accessibility.

Guaranteed Success

With more than five years of experience providing outstanding education, IILT has helped over 100,000 nurses migrate and accomplish their professional objectives. Our dedication to offering top-notch coaching around the world is fueled by our students’ success and contentment. Choosing IILT guarantees an excellent result.


 IILT stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of language education, particularly in preparing healthcare professionals for the OET. With a robust curriculum tailored to meet the diverse needs of nurses and other healthcare workers, IILT combines innovative teaching methodologies, personalized support, and comprehensive resources to ensure every student’s success. Through flexible scheduling, individualized coaching, and continuous quality assurance, IILT not only equips students with the necessary language proficiency but also fosters confidence and readiness for their professional journeys. As evidenced by the countless success stories of our graduates securing their dream jobs worldwide, IILT remains committed to empowering healthcare professionals to achieve their aspirations and make a meaningful impact in the global healthcare industry.

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