On March 5th, 2024, IDP organised the influential ‘IELTS Train the Trainer’ workshop at the Holiday Inn Cochin. The intensive 9-hour workshop convened committed IELTS trainers for a day of rigorous training and skill enhancement.

The workshop covered the fundamentals of the IELTS test, with an emphasis on the reading and writing sections first, followed by the listening and speaking sections. The participants learned the ins and outs of the IELTS test as well as the key indicators of the 9-band scale. Trainers discovered the most effective approaches to helping their
students do well on the test through interactive activities.

The event aimed to provide practical insights and hands-on experience, equipping the trainers with a comprehensive toolkit to improve their students’ performance. Lunch and high tea were provided to attendees, which encouraged networking and collaboration among their peers.

A standout feature of the programme was the Training Certificate of Achievement, granted to each participant upon successful completion of the workshop. This certificate recognized their improved proficiency in teaching IELTS, which significantly enhanced their professional credentials.

A number of IELTS trainers from IILT participated in the programme, becoming master trainers with enhanced expertise and knowledge. Their involvement has already begun to have a positive impact on the success rates of their students. The event’s success highlights IDP’s commitment to improving the quality of IELTS education and equipping educators with the resources they need to foster student success.

This event has established a new standard for professional growth in the IELTS training community, making a significant impression on all participants.

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